Ethan Chin
Epic Adventure Photography


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About Me

Life only really started getting interesting for me when I picked up a camera. Before then I was drifting through life, pursuing something I thought I wanted but was really just something I thought I had to do.

I got into bicycle touring as a means to solve a problem. I was 17 years old when I got into photography seriously, and wanted to photograph the Canadian Rockies. At that age, however, I had no license, no car and no ability to even rent one. I did the logical thing and went on a 300km bike ride.

Adventuring has now found its way deep into my system, and I cannot imagine a life without it, anymore.

Photography changed me for the better. It is a teacher, a guide, and a reason for me to explore the world, and go on adventures.

"Anything for the shot" - I think I take that pretty seriously.

There's a story behind this image.